Sony Leaks Two New DualSense Color Variants - What Could They Be?

The white and black appearance of the PlayStation 5 can not convince all players. This now helps colored side plates with ideal dual sensual variations. And it looks like the color palette is expanded again. At least for the ps5 controller, the indications are excellent since Sony itself has 2 brand-new colors.

defense controller with metal style?

The two new color variants need to be Metal Gray and Metallic Red, a gray and a red controller with a metallic effect. The names were concealed in between the already buying color variants in a dropdown menu on Sony's assurance website.

According to the Reddit user Loyal_frost, the two brand-new colors have actually been there for a few months. How the controllers search in information, whether there will likewise appropriate side parts for the console and when they appear, has actually not yet been stated. Firstly, the concern develops whether they actually come onto the marketplace.


Because they can be discovered on Sony's own website, it sounds most likely, however in the end it can just be a mistake. We will ask Sony what the colors Metallic Gray and Metallic Red is everything about.

more color and features for your PS5

While the basic dual sense is consisted of in the console, you can have more color into your house with 7 color variants up until now. Or more precisely, six color variants and a scandal sheet. In addition to Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue, Nova Pink and Gray Camouflage, a scandal sheet of the ps5 controller in the God of War Ragnarök design has already been published. Also in black and white, however optically adjusted and geared up with far more functions, the dual-sensense Edge, the new Pro controller for the PS5, which you can see in the following video: We suggest our dual sensuous edge test if you desire to know more about the double sen sense Edge. For the great piece of hardware, you have to dig much deeper into your pocket than with the standard ps5 controller. Like to inform us in the comments whether you would like the new colors Metallic Gray and Metallic Red or are waiting for a totally various color variation.


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